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Are you dealing with slow drainage or messy sewage backups? Hidden plumbing issues tend to worsen over time, so it’s crucial to catch them as soon as possible. That’s where our sewer camera inspections come in.

At Harner Plumbing, we use flexible video cameras to quickly and efficiently identify any issues in your sewer line. The process is fast, effective, and, most importantly, non-invasive. No mess, no fuss!

Top Signs You Need Sewer Camera Inspection

How can you tell if you have a sewer line issue? Watch out for these warning signs and call our team for an assessment when you spot them:

• Sewer backups. A faulty system can cause raw sewage to flood your property through the drains. Not only is this a huge mess, but it can also pose serious health risks if left untreated.

• Drainage issues. Are your fixtures draining slower than usual? Widespread issues usually indicate a deeper problem in the sewer line.

• Expensive water bills. If you notice a sudden spike in your utility costs despite no change in usage, it could be from a sewer line leak.

• Unpleasant odors. Off-putting smells from your drains are a common symptom of a sewer line issue.

• Wet spots on your lawn. Check your yard for signs of sewage leaks, such as soggy patches or lush growth.

Whatever the issue, our sewer camera inspections will get to the bottom of it. Our team will update you on our findings and work with you to find the best resolution for your needs.

Common Culprits of Sewer Line Issues

Our sewer camera inspections aim to identify your problem’s source accurately. With a proper diagnosis, we can provide a lasting, cost-effective solution.

Some of the most common causes of sewer line issues we see include:

• Tree root invasions. The roots of trees and other plants can grow into your sewer line, causing blockages and breaks.

• Seismic activity. Northeast Ohio is no stranger to earthquakes! Shifting soil and other seismic activity can damage or crush your sewer line.

• Pipework corrosion. How old is your sewer pipe system? Over time, it can break down and become more susceptible to cracks, leaks, and other damage.

• Improper installation. Inexperienced contractors might use the wrong materials or fail to compact the surrounding soil properly.

• Pipe clogs. Built-up grease, mineral deposits, and debris can cause clogs that lead to sewage backups.

• Septic tank overflow. Overflowing septic tanks can cause sewage to back up into your home through the drains.

Our team will always discuss your repair or replacement options with you before getting started. We want you to be confident in your decision and comfortable with the process. We’ll also answer any questions that come up while we work.


The Right Time to Get a Camera Inspection

Aside from tackling a current issue, there are a few other times when it’s a good idea to call a plumbing company to schedule a sewer camera inspection:

• Before buying or selling a property
• Before and after significant plumbing renovations
• After landscaping or hardscaping projects
• Every year as part of your routine plumbing maintenance

By doing your due diligence and getting regular inspections, you can avoid many major plumbing problems altogether. Our team at Harner Plumbing will ensure your sewer line is in tip-top shape so you can rest easy.

If you suspect a problem with your system, don’t wait! We at Harner Plumbing proudly serve homeowners and businesses throughout Northeast Ohio. Reach out to us at 330- 626-5551 for our sewer camera inspections.


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