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Picking Up the Pieces: Why You Need Storm Drain Cleaning and Repairing After a Storm

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Storm drains are a ubiquitous sight in residential and commercial areas. You can find them on almost every street corner and in parking lots. True to their name, storm drains have one function: to remove excess rainwater from the street during storms.

However, the problem with storm drains is that debris such as leaves, twigs, and garbage can easily clog up the drain system. When this happens, rainwater can’t go down, and flooding can quickly occur in a clogged storm drain.

If you have a storm drain on or near your property, you need to check it immediately after a storm. If you notice a clogged or damaged storm drain, it’s time to schedule services for storm drain cleaning and repairing.

How Does a Storm Drain Work?

During and after a rainstorm, the rainwater runs down into the drain system. The water moves to nearby waterways via a system of underground pipes and culverts.

It is important to note that sewer treatment facilities do not treat water from storm drains. Since the water heads straight to local waterways like rivers, ponds, or creeks, it is critical that the materials and chemicals used for storm drain cleaning are safe and environmentally friendly.

You can lessen the risk of blockages by regularly cleaning your storm drains, even if it is not raining. Leaf litter, twigs, dirt, and other pollutants can still build up at the entrance of your storm drain. When this debris mixes with rainwater, it creates sludge that becomes much harder to clean.

Signs That Your Storm Drain Needs Cleaning

The most obvious sign that your storm drain needs cleaning is visible debris blocking the entrance. Even the smallest pieces of garbage can stop a storm drain from working properly. However, there are also other signs that you need to look out for, such as:

• Unpleasant odors coming from the entrance of the storm drain
• Water coming back out
• Sagging concrete around the storm drain
• Draining is slower than usual
• Gurgling sounds from inside

Storm drain clogs don’t always happen on the surface. Sometimes, sludge can build up inside the storm drain after heavy rains or floods.

If the clog is inside the drain system, it is harder to remove the blockage. You’ll need to call a professional company that specializes in storm drain cleaning services.

How Does Storm Drain Cleaning Work?

The first step to cleaning and repairing a storm drain is a storm drain inspection. We use a snake hose camera to inspect your storm drain and find issues like blockages and leaks. We will also check if there is any damage along the pipe lining. If we find any damage, we will create a plan that includes cleaning and repairing your storm drain.

After assessing the condition of your storm drain, we use high-pressure water jets to clean the inside and remove blockages. We will also remove any debris or litter around the drain’s entrance.

The final step is to flush the storm drain with clean water. Flushing removes all traces of debris and pollution inside the drain.


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A blocked storm drain is not only messy and inconvenient but can also be hazardous to your health! Rainwater floods carry dangerous microbes and can cause illnesses like cholera, hepatitis A, and leptospirosis.

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